APSRTC Bus Advertisement and Rates [2023]

APSRTC bus advertising and cost

“Best marketing initiative award winner”- APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) is one of the highly effective and widely utilized marketing strategies in Andhra Pradesh. With its extensive reach, affordability, and ability to engage a diverse audience, APSRTC bus advertising has become an integral part of the advertising landscape in the state.

This blog explores the benefits, types, costs and how to advertise in/on APSRTC, highlighting why it is a compelling advertising option for businesses seeking to expand their reach. So, let’s hop on board the APSRTC bus advertising bandwagon and unlock the potential of this dynamic advertising platform.

APSRTC Bus Advertising in Andhra Pradesh

APSRTC bus branding presents a unique and effective platform to connect with millions of people across various cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh. Depending on the type of bus you choose, the type of targeted audience and media options may change.

  1. Ordinary bus: Ordinary buses are the most basic and commonly found buses in the APSRTC fleet. They are usually non-air-conditioned and provide affordable transportation options for short-distance travel within cities and towns.

  2. Deluxe bus: Deluxe buses are an upgraded version of ordinary buses, offering better comfort and amenities. These buses often have features like air conditioning, cushioned seats, and more.

Benefits of APSRTC Bus Advertising in Andhra Pradesh

APSRTC bus advertisements offer a powerful and cost-effective way to amplify your brand’s reach in Andhra Pradesh. With extensive coverage, mobility, and high visibility, these advertisements provide an opportunity to connect with a diverse audience.

  • Extensive Reach: With a wide network spanning across Andhra Pradesh, APSRTC buses offer unparalleled reach to advertisers. These buses traverse through cities, towns, and rural areas, ensuring exposure to diverse demographics. Whether you are targeting urban consumers or rural communities, APSRTC bus advertisements provide an opportunity to captivate a broad spectrum of potential customers.
  • Mobile and Eye-Catching: APSRTC buses serve as mobile billboards, taking your brand message on the move. They are visible on busy roads, highways, and even in remote locations, maximizing exposure for your business. The eye-catching nature of these advertisements grabs the attention of pedestrians, motorists, and passengers, creating brand awareness even in transit.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and print, APSRTC bus advertisements are relatively affordable. In contrast, APSRTC bus advertisements offer cost-effective options for businesses of all sizes. Advertisers can select from various formats, including interior displays, window decals, full bus wraps, and more, tailoring their campaigns to suit their budget and marketing goals.
  • Targeted Advertising: APSRTC bus advertisements provide the advantage of targeting specific geographic areas. Businesses can strategically choose routes that align with their target audience’s demographics and preferences. Whether you want to focus on urban centers, rural markets, or specific towns, APSRTC allows you to tailor your advertising efforts accordingly, maximizing the relevance and impact of your message.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: The sheer size and prominence of APSRTC bus advertisements ensure enhanced brand visibility. These advertisements become a part of the public landscape, making an impression on commuters and passersby alike. The repetitive nature of bus routes further reinforces brand recall, as people encounter the advertisements multiple times during their daily routines.
  • Flexibility and Customization: APSRTC bus advertisements offer flexibility in terms of format and design. Advertisers can choose from a range of options, including side panels, rear panels, full wraps, and interior displays. This flexibility allows businesses to align their messaging with their brand identity and create visually appealing campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

  • Longevity and 24/7 Exposure: Unlike ephemeral forms of advertising, APSRTC bus advertisements provide round-the-clock exposure. They are visible day and night, ensuring your brand remains in the public eye throughout the day. This extended exposure increases the likelihood of message retention and encourages potential customers to engage with your brand.

Types of APSRTC Bus Branding

There are several options available for bus advertising as bus branding can be done by making maximum use of bus such as interior bus branding and exterior bus branding.

Exterior bus advertising on APSRTC bus:

  • Full bus ad wrap
  • Super King and Queen bus wrap
  • Windows ad panel
  • Bus back advertising

Interior bus advertising in APSRTC bus:

  • Bus rack ads
  • Driver back display
  • Seat back ads
  • Grab ads
  • Interior digital

APSRTC Bus Advertising Rates

The cost of APSRTC bus advertising can vary significantly, typically ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 or even higher for a single bus. This estimate depends on several factors, including the type of bus, available inventory, media option, quantity of buses involved, campaign duration, and other variables.

How to Advertise on APSRTC Bus

Booking APSRTC bus advertising to target audiences in Andhra Pradesh and beyond can be a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book bus advertising:

1.Identify Your Advertising Goals: Determine your advertising objectives, target audience, and budget. Clarify the message you want to convey and the duration of your campaign.

2. Research Advertising Agencies: Look for advertising agencies or media companies that offer bus advertising services in Andhra Pradesh. Consider their experience, reputation, and portfolio of previous campaigns.

3. Contact Advertising Agencies: Reach out to the selected advertising agencies to discuss your requirements. Provide them with details such as your campaign goals, preferred bus advertising format, campaign duration, target locations, and budget.

4. Select Bus Routes and Formats: Work with the advertising agency to identify the bus routes and formats that align with your target audience and campaign objectives. Consider factors like the density of foot traffic, the demographics of the areas covered, and the visibility of the chosen formats.

5. Design Your Advertisement: Create a visually appealing and compelling advertisement that effectively conveys your message within the constraints of the chosen bus advertising format. Collaborate with the advertising agency’s design team or hire a professional designer if needed.

6. Negotiate Pricing and Finalize Details: Discuss pricing options with the advertising agency. Negotiate rates based on factors such as the number of buses, campaign duration, and chosen formats. Once you have agreed upon the terms, finalize the booking details, including the start and end dates of the campaign.

7. Provide Artwork and Documentation: Submit the finalized artwork to the advertising agency in the required format. Additionally, ensure that you provide any necessary documentation, such as proof of payment or legal permissions, if applicable.

8. Monitor and Evaluate the Campaign: During the campaign, track the performance of your bus advertisements. Monitor factors such as reach, engagement, and brand awareness. Analyze the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving your advertising goals.

Wrap-up Tips:

Remember to plan your bus advertising campaign well in advance to secure the desired bus routes and formats, as availability may vary based on demand. By following these steps and collaborating closely with the advertising agency, you can book bus advertising in Andhra Pradesh and maximize the impact of your advertising efforts.

Bus advertising agencies such as Buymediaspace can leverage APSRTC’s vast network, and help businesses to enhance brand visibility, engage with their target market, and drive their marketing objectives forward.



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